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Web Design Life

A day in the life of a web designer can be fun and packed with creativity but it can also be full of challenges. As a Web designer, you will speak with clients to learn the requirements of a web site design project, the budget and the schedule for completion. You must then design the layout of the site, develop the content, create and purchase images and make sure that everything comes together and meets the goals of the project. You work closely with others during a project to obtain help in the development and maintenance of the Web site. You will have your choice of jobs with a variety of companies, including advertising agencies, corporate environments, engineering firms, design consulting firms, or even on a freelance basis.

Getting the Training and Finding the Jobs

Formal training in Web site design is an excellent way to jumpstart your career and will enable you to move ahead professionally. At the end of your training, you will understand a wide variety of the programs that are critical for anyone who plans to work in a Web-design job. Additionally, you will be able add them to your resume and you will be prepared to take many of the certification tests that are available to those who want to posses a formal certificate.

Individuals who hold Web design jobs work for companies of all sizes. Companies have a wide variety of needs when it comes to web-design so those trained in the field find that they have many choices when it comes to the workplace. Just like a president or a CEO, all companies need a web-designer to handle digital media creation.

Web Design Related Career List

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Online Universities

Kaplan University
BSIT/Applied Technology Track - Web Development
A.S. in Web Development
BS in Web Design
Kaplan University - Bachelor's Degree. Kaplan's online bachelors web design program provides students with the skills they need to start their web design career immediately upon graduation, while also offering flexible and affordable classes.
The Art Institute
BS - Web Design & Interactive Media
AS - Web Design & Interactive Media
The Art Institute - Certificate, Bachelor's, & Associate's degrees. The Art Institute's online degree and diploma programs in the creative arts are ideal for tech-savvy students who are independent learners.

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