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Flickr for Web Designers: 100 Tips, Tools, and Resources

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Flickr is a wonderful place to share and find images from all over the world, but it’s not just for photographers. Web designers can find great value in Flickr’s web design groups, tools, and much more. Read on, and we’ll look at 100 tips, tools, and resources that can help web designers better utilize Flickr.


Get more out of your Flickr experience with these tips.

  1. Link to your own site within the photo: Be sure to add a link within your photo’s description to get traffic back to your website.
  2. Use Flickr as hosting: Store your photos on Flickr, and link directly to them to take a load off of your server.
  3. Go pro: If you plan to get lots of traffic, or upload many photos to your account, go ahead and spend the nominal fee to get a pro account on Flickr.
  4. Post portfolio screen shots: Promote your web design business by taking screen shots of your work and sharing them on Flickr.
  5. Crowdsource images: Make use of Creative Commons Flickr photographs for your website.
  6. Link your Flickr images in your email: Place images and links to your Flickr in your email signature.
  7. Geotag your photos: Offer locations for your photos, and they’ll be more easily found.
  8. Use relevant titles: Include keywords in your image title so they are displayed correctly in search results.
  9. Work to get Explored: Amass a huge amount of traffic by making it to explore by networking, joining groups, adding tags, and featuring excellent work.
  10. Use your business name for your Flickr account: Make your name more recognizable and prominent online by using your business name on Flickr.
  11. Add a picture description: Share a link with HTML and offer a good description to make others interested in your image.
  12. Comment and favorite the photos of others: Encourage reciprocation by letting others know you appreciate their work.
  13. Add notes to your photos: Share interesting tidbits, highlight details and more with notes on your images.
  14. Add your website to your profile: If others are curious about what you do, they’ll click through to check out your website.
  15. Use sets to organize photos: Sets will make it easy for people to find your photos on Flickr.
  16. Tag everything: Make sure you place tags on every image you upload to Flickr so they can be found on Flickr and through search engines.
  17. Share Flickr images on your website: Flickr offers an easily-updateable tool for your website’s images.
  18. Join groups: Network and get more visibility for your images by joining and adding content to groups.
  19. Avoid selling a product or service directly: Flickr is a community, not a sales tool-and promoting yourself obviously can get your account deleted.
  20. Post your photos to Digg: Get lots of attention to your most remarkable work by linking your images on Digg and other viral social media sites.
  21. Use relevant tags: Don’t spam with tags that have nothing to do with you or the photograph you’ve uploaded.


With the help of these tools, you can import photos, make slideshows, and more.

  1. Flickr Importr: With this tool, you can upload images to Flickr and add them to groups and sets.
  2. FlickrSLiDR: Use FlickrSLiDR, and you’ll be able to embed classic Flickr slideshows on your website or blog.
  3. Flickr Search for Creative Commons: Find only Creative Commons licensed photos with this tool.
  4. Grabbr: Grabbr makes it super easy to upload screenshots to Flickr.
  5. Flickr Badge: This official Flickr badge offers a simple way to get your Flickr photos on your website.
  6. FlickrFaves: With FlickrFaves, you can download high resolution versions of your favorite Flickr images.
  7. Flickr Show Licenses: Quickly learn about the copyright status of a photo with this tool.
  8. Travelr: Use this free photo gallery to display your Flickr photos geographically on a world map.
  9. 1001: Mac OS X users will appreciate 1001’s batch uploading and notifications.
  10. Flickr4Writer: Use this plugin for Windows Live Writer to insert Flickr photos into your posts.
  11. FeelImage: Search for images based on feeling with this tool.
  12. Photo Album Plugin: Create a Flickr photo album for your site with this plugin.
  13. FAlbum: Display your Flickr photos and photosets on your site with FAlbum.
  14. Retrievr: With this experimental service, you can search and explore Flickr images by drawing a rough sketch.
  15. Webimager: You can capture your entire screen or just a portion, then upload it to your Flickr account.
  16. Flickr Comment Importer: Use this tool, and you can import comments from your Flickr account into your WordPress blog.
  17. Spell With Flickr: Spell With Flickr makes it easy to create letter images using pictures from Flickr.
  18. Sendto Flickr: Use this tool to easily upload photos to your Flickr account. Slideoo: Create horizonal streaming slideshows of your Flickr photos with Slideoo.
  19. FlickrFaves: Use this WordPress plugin to display your Flickr favorites on your site.
  20. Ajax Photo Blogging in Flickr: You can post about the photo you’re looking at with this tool.
  21. Multicolr Search Lab: Browse Flickr’s most interesting Creative Commons images, even in the same color palette with this tool.
  22. Depictr: Depictr allows you to type in lyrics and get related photos from Flickr.
  23. Kubrickr: If you’re using the WordPress Kubrick theme, place any image from Flickr in your header with this tool.
  24. Flickr Auto Tag: Save and reuse the tags you use frequently with Flickr Auto Tag.
  25. Gnickr: Manage photos on your Flickr site like they are on your local Gnome desktop with this tool.
  26. UploadrXL: With this program, you’ll be able to upload a variety of images to Flickr and add them to your sets and groups.
  27. Flickr Anywhere: Flickr Anywhere makes it possible for you to display your public photos on a variety of sites.
  28. Flickr BBCode Generator: Get the code you need to post images on BBCode sites with this tool.
  29. LinuxInside: Track page view statistics using the Flickr API and this tool.
  30. Flickr Color Selectr: Search for images based on their primary color with the help of this tool.
  31. Flickr Module for CMS: Add Flickr photos to your CMS site using this Flickr module.
  32. Flickr Keyboard Navigation: Get keyboard shortcuts for Flickr with this tool.
  33. Picsviewr: Use Picsviewr, and you’ll be able to create a wide variety of slideshows from your Flickr photos.
  34. Flickr Slideshow Generator: Create the HTML you need to embed a Flickr slideshow on your site.
  35. Flickr Logo Makr: Make a Flickr style logo with this tool.
  36. Flickr Mail To: This tool adds a "mailto" and "send page" link to every Flickr page.


Find inspiration on Flickr from these sets, groups, and more.

  1. Web Design Inspiration: Get inspired by this set of screenshots on Flickr.
  2. Flickr Directory for Designers: Although not directly on Flickr, this group will help you get connected with other designers on Flickr.
  3. PSDTUTS: Check out this group, and you’ll find photoshop inspiration.
  4. Illustration and Graphic Addicts: This group offers lots of illustrations and graphics.
  5. Graphic Designers Cafe: Talk, teach, and share design in this group.
  6. Typography: See letters made by machine or man through this group.
  7. Photoshop Professionals: All graphic artists and photoshop image designers will find a home in this group.
  8. The Web Design Pool: In this pool, you can see web designs and connect with others.
  9. Design Nerds: Check out this group to find like-minded design nerds.
  10. Graphic Design Magazines: Join this group to check out graphic and typography magazines.
  11. Design and Typography: Find design and typography inspiration and resources in this group.
  12. Photoshop is not a Dirty Word: This group works to make Photoshop more acceptable.
  13. Illustration: Illustrators and lovers of illustration will enjoy this group.
  14. Experimental Graphic Design: Anyone interested in innovative, experimental graphic design should check out this group.
  15. Webdesign Inspiration: Here you’ll find a showcase for websites, graphics, logos, and more.
  16. Found Type: See typography in everyday life through this group.
  17. Creative Graphic Designers: Check out this group to find creative design.
  18. Photoshop: This is a group for those who like Photoshop and other photo programs.
  19. Design the Logo: In this group, you’ll find lots of inspiration for logomaking.
  20. Typophile: Typophiles can unite and show off images in this group.
  21. Adobe Photoshop Creations: See what others have done with photoshop through this group.
  22. Graphic Manipulations: This group highlights graphically manipulated images.
  23. Vector Art: See artwork made using vectors in this group.
  24. 15 Inspirational Web Design Examples from Flickr: Here you’ll find 15 super cool web designs to get inspired.


Here you’ll find how-to guides for just about anything to do with web design and Flickr.

  1. Pulling Your Flickr Feed with jQuery: Check out this guide to learn how to display your Flickr feed on your website.
  2. Adding Flickr Images to Your WordPress Posts: This guide will show you how to add Flickr images to WordPress.
  3. Post Portfolio Screen Shots on Flickr: Follow this guide to find out how to post screen shots on Flickr to promote your business.
  4. Creating a Simple Online Application Using the Flickr API: This article explains how to build online applications using PHP and Flickr API.
  5. How to Add Notes and Tags to Your Photos on Flickr: Follow this guide to see how easy it is to add notes and tags to your Flickr photos.
  6. Networking with Other Designers Using Flickr, Flickr Alternatives, and Photoblogging: Check out this article to learn how you can make the most of Flickr networking.
  7. How the pros use Flickr for social network marketing: Use this guide to find out how you can use Flickr for social network marketing.
  8. Integrating Flickr with WordPress: In this guide, you’ll learn how to use iFlickr and other tools to integrate Flickr with WordPress.
  9. Guerilla Marketing using Check out this video to learn about the free marketing your web design can get on Flickr.
  10. A Complete Guide to Finding and Using Incredible Flickr Images: Read this guide, and you’ll learn how to enhance your website or blog using Flickr images.
  11. Shepherding Passionate Communities-Interview with Heather Champ, Flickr: Heather Champ of Flickr explains how to create a passionate web community.
  12. Traffic & Link Building With Flickr: This guide offers a few simple solutions for getting traffic and links from Flickr.
  13. How to Geotag Photos in Flickr: Follow this guide to learn how to geotag your Flickr photos.
  14. How to Add Flickr Images to a Web Page: Check out this guide, and you’ll find out how to add Flickr images to your web page.
  15. A Comprehensive Guide to Using Flickr for Traffic Building and Marketing: In this guide, you’ll learn how to make Flickr work for traffic building and beyond.
  16. Using Lightbox with the Flickr Photo Album Plugin: Find out how you can pull your Flickr photos to your WordPress blog in this useful guide.
  17. How to Search for Photos on Flickr: Follow this guide, and you’ll see how to find photos on Flickr.
  18. Using Flickr in Your SEO & Traffic Building Strategy: Check out this article to find out how Flickr can be used for SEO and traffic building.
  19. The Ultimate Flickr Tools Hacks and Scripts Database: Get all of the goodies for Flickr through this resource.

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