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20 iPhone Apps to Increase Your Designing Productivity

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Whether you’re running a small business, or just trying to knock out your daily to-do list, every designer use a little help being more productive. For those with an iPhone there are a wide array of instantly downloadable applications that can help you get more done in less time. For this article we’ve sorted through hundreds of applications to bring you 20 lesser known iphone apps which are designed to make your day to day life easier and make you more productive.


From basic to do lists to homework these are a few ways to help you get organized for work or school.

  1. Jott: Tired of to do lists and sticky notes. You can turn your voice into text and place it into your lists on your iphone. After you have completed the task you can cross them off with a quick finger strike.
  2. SplashID: With so many passwords and usernames it is hard to keep track of them all. You can now have them at quick reference. You can store them under a record type created by you.
  3. HomeWork: Students off all ages can use this application. Managing homework assignments and keeping track of due dates can make it hard to have time for the homework itself. Homework can give you a fast view of all assignments and their due dates. You can categorize them by class and teacher also.
  4. Ambiance: Whether you are trying to work or study, it can be hard when you are in a busy and noisy environment. With this app you can listen to up to 44 different sounds to help you block it all out. This also could help with getting your needed rest. Choose from sounds such as wind, river, or rain.

Money & Business

For the average person, work and finance issues take up at least 75% of our waking hours. Make that time more efficient with these apps.

  1. Nameo: Do you have stacks and stacks of business cards? This free application allows you to enter your personal or business information into your iphone and dump the roladex. Even better, you can zap your business info over to someone else who has Nameo just by standing close and pressing the connect button.
  2. Financer: If you are on a monthly budget you can keep track of your spending with this app. It also allows you to manage an endless number of bank accounts to keep you on budget.
  3. QuickMail: Do you find yourself always sending emails to the same people over and over. You can save time by choosing a person to be the receiver of all sent emails.
  4. Mobile News Network: The Associated Press has come up with a new app that will help you keep track of local, national and international news. Updates are available along with photo galleries and video coverage.
  5. Typing Tutor: Save time by increasing your touch screen typing skills with this application. Make an account that will show how you have progressed over time.
  6. Tip: It may only be 2-3 minutes after a meal, but the time you spend calculating how much to pay the waiter can be frustrating. Tip will help you quickly and accurately figure out how much to tip and get you on your way.

Travel & Getting Around

These applications can limit stress and increase travel productivity

  1. Whitepages: If you need a phone number and don’t have time to look in the phone book or pay for information then you will like this app. You can search by name or use the reverse look up and just put in the phone number.
  2. Showtimes: Looking for movie times and theatres can be time consuming even online. Movie Fans can find times and ratings and also locate the closest theatres. This app also provides GPS to show you how to get there.
  3. Where: This local guide will help you find things like the nearest gas station to the closest coffee house. It also offers reviews, photos, and maps for quick reference.
  4. Mobile Eyes: Getting stuck in traffic can be unproductive and time consuming. This will help you find ways to get around traffic and even make your ride a little safer. It can also help you save money on gas.
  5. Talking Spanish Phrasebook: Traveling abroad and wish you had your own personal translator? This free application contains words and phrases that will help you with common topics such as food, beverages, and socializing. It is also available in Japanese, French, German, Greek, Italian, and Portuguese.

Shopping, Home & Personal

Here are some ways to make shopping and home life simpler.

  1. SnapTell Explorer: Do you ever wonder if you are getting the best price for a certain item. Simply snap a picture of the item and receive links from several sites to size up the best price and find out more information.
  2. Faux Call: We have all had a time when we needed to get out of an uncomfortable situation. This app simulates an incoming call that will allow you to excuse yourself tastefully.
  3. Snootz: Having kids and managing time can be a challenge. With this application you can help create incentives for kids by using tokens called “Snootz”. They are place in a bank account that can be shared with other caregivers also. Kids have access to checking their accounts to see how many “Snootz” they have earned. For children ages 4-11 years.
  4. Owed: Keeping up with DVD rentals and things that were loaned to friends can be a task in its own. Save time by having a list of what has been borrowed or needs to be returned.
  5. Big Oven: Trying to decide what to cook tonight for dinner? You can download your own recipes or search from the ones in this apps database.

In today’s world we often underestimate time, over commit ourselves, or just simply forget. Hopefully, you can put your iphone to functional use and be more productive which should give you the ability to “get it all done”.

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