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30 Easy & Adorable Easter Egg Designs Your Kids Will Love

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Next to egg hunts and candy, coloring Easter eggs is a favorite Easter tradition for children and adults alike. Traditional Easter eggs are dyed in a rainbow of food coloring or hand painted, but the fun doesn’t end there. Easter eggs can also be sprinkled with glitter, made out of paper and bedazzled with jewels. No matter the design or type of egg, kids just love to be artsy and make messes with you by their side. Here are 30 easy and adorable Easter egg designs your kids will love:

Dip and Dye

These adorable designs and tutorials are a fun twist on the traditional dye job.

  1. Cracked Eggshell and Chick Design: Electrical tape and vinyl stencils are used to make the adorable chirping chicks and cracked eggshells.
  2. Eraser Decorating: Pencil erasers are the perfect tool for making polka dotted Easter eggs and other designs.
  3. Decal Dyed Eggs: Small stickers make for easy and adorable Easter egg decals your kids will love.
  4. Spring Menagerie Eggs: Create a menagerie of cute creatures and carrots with this lovely tutorial.
  5. Candy Dots: Kids can enjoy candy in more ways than one this Easter by gluing bite-sized pieces onto dyed eggs! This tutorial also shows you how to make a homemade frosting paste.
  6. Crayon Sketch Designs: It’s like magic to watch your white crayon designs pop after the dye dries in this activity.
  7. Natural Dyes: Dip your Easter eggs in these natural dyes made from blueberries, grape juice, curry powder, black tea and other household products.
  8. Rubber Band Eggs: Tightly wrapped rubber bands give eggs a cool tie-dye and stripy look.
  9. Egg Bunny: Your kids will be so hoppy to make this adorable Easter bunny egg from scratch.
  10. Marbled Eggs : A mixture of oil, vinegar and food coloring make these marbled eggs so beautiful and swirly.

Dye Alternatives

Try these designs for a no fuss, no muss alternative to dye.

  1. Melted Crayon Eggs: With Mom or Dad’s help, these just-boiled eggs will soften crayon wax to create colorful and swirly masterpieces.
  2. Decoupage Designs: If you feel like skipping the dye and paint this Easter, try these adorable decoupage eggs that use Easter-themed illustrations instead.
  3. Jeweled Eggs: These Faberge-inspired eggs are oh-so fun and fancy.
  4. Handpainted Eggs: If your child prefers solid colored eggs, check out this tutorial for beautiful matte and satin-finished Easter eggs.
  5. Tissue Paper Designs: Skip the mess of dyes and paints with these awesome tissue paper designs.
  6. Silk Eggs: Want to find a crafty use for your old silk scarves or ties? This awesome tutorial shows you how to turn a neat print into an elegant Easter egg design.
  7. Paraffin Easter Eggs: These paraffin Easter eggs are a nice alternative to dye and can even serve as a science lesson!
  8. Sponge Painted Eggs: Put that old dish sponge to good use as a textured Easter egg decorating tool.
  9. Bubble Packaging Design: The same bubble wrap you use to protect your fragile Easter eggs will work as a painting tool to create a fun, bubbly design.
  10. Thumbprint Designs: This design deserves two thumbs up for its simplicity and utter cuteness.

Artificial Eggs

Go chickenless with these artificial eggs that are just as crafty and cool.

  1. Eggimals: Make use of candy-free plastic eggs by turning them into sweet eggimals, err, animals.
  2. Glitter Eggs : These gorgeous glittery eggs look expensive but are oh-so cheap and simple to make.
  3. Needlefelted Easter Eggs: These adorable Easter eggs are the perfect project for you to teach your older children how to needlefelt.
  4. Swarovski Easter Eggs: These bedazzling plastic eggs are the perfect mother-daughter Easter project.
  5. Permanent Marker Eggs: Bold permanent markers really make these faux Easter eggs pop.
  6. Wooden Easter Eggs: This craft expert shows you how to decorate small wooden eggs to look like beautiful robin eggs.
  7. Paper Mache Eggs: Your kids will have a ball making and breaking open these jumbo paper mache eggs.
  8. Flower Pot Eggs: These adorable flower pot Easter eggs will keep blooming year after year.
  9. Plastic Egg Bunny: Pompoms, pipe cleaners and googly eyes make these plastic Easter bunnies a bundle of fun.
  10. Paper Easter Eggs: These paper Easter eggs are a fun alternative to real eggs and less messy than paint and dye.

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