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40 Fantastic Calligraphy Blogs

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Calligraphy is the unique fusion of art and writing that’s penned by talented individuals who have accumulated years upon years of practice. Elements of history are combined with the calligrapher’s personal touch, telling or enhancing a story within the bounds of the style. Although the invention of the printing press more than 500 years ago rendered it impractical, calligraphy has endured the test of time simply because it’s an aesthetically pleasing form of expression. The 40 fantastic blogs listed below are evidence that calligraphy is undying art.

Calligraphers from Around the World

These calligraphers are largely influenced by the cultures in which they live and work.

  1. Kalligrafie: You can watch Peter’s work in action by clicking on one of the several YouTube video posted on his site.
  2. Personaleehkin: This Delhi-based calligrapher is devoted to "preserving vanishing Indian traditions."
  3. Malikanas: The work of a calligrapher from Baghdad is proudly displayed for the world to see.
  4. Ikuko’s chatty space: When visiting Ikuko’s blog, one will gain an appreciation for the beauty of both Eastern and Western characters.
  5. The Beauty of Japanese Calligraphy: As the title indicates, this blog is about the beauty of Japanese calligraphy. The author constantly strives to perfect her skills in the art.
  6. ibrahim butouq: This Jordanian calligrapher represents his country and his people. His three decades of experience is evident in his masterful work.
  7. Inspired by Script: Inspiration is the theme of this blog, as Sue uses her work as an example for other artists.
  8. Andrew van der Merwe: Andrew is "the world’s first beach calligrapher." His work is done on the beaches of South Africa and he captures it for his blog.
  9. Ampersand Duck: A "letterpress printer, bookbinder, book-arts teacher, designer, daydreamer" blogs about those very topics.
  10. Art-Now and Tomorrow:The perspective of an calligrapher from Australia who’s living in Hong Kong is documented.
  11. WordMarks: A Journal: A calligrapher from British Columbia shares her work with the world.
  12. Art&Etc: Founder Ronnie’s artistic interests extend well-beyond just calligraphy.
  13. Notes: A Calligraphic Journal: The mission of Alice’s blog is "to introduce more viewers to contemporary calligraphy."
  14. Alphabeas: Although the blog is for the Alphabeas Calligraphy Guild in Langley, British Columbia, the work it features from its members is an excellent source of inspiration.
  15. CJ Kennedy: Pony Express Home Station: CJ discusses her work and more from her home station.
  16. Francie Alberts Bredeson: A mother posts her calligraphy work that’s relevant to the time of year.
  17. Quitefire Style: Suzanne’s ideas are useful to calligraphers who could use a few new ones.
  18. My Calligraphy Blog: "The random calligraphic ramblings from a self-taught amateur" from Singapore.

Calligraphers Based in the States

America is a melting pot of calligraphers. Some are influenced by Western culture; some borrow from other cultures.

  1. Calligraphy: A Scribe’s Notes Blog: A calligraphy teacher shares her wisdom, though she admits that even after 30 years of experience, she’s still perfecting her craft.
  2. Calligraphy Qalam: This blog was created by a student for her Masters of Fine Arts thesis project, giving her a chance to study Arabic script calligraphy in-depth.
  3. K is for Calligraphy: Katy blogs about her thoughts and finds pertaining to calligraphy. Included are helpful are links to tutorials and downloads.
  4. Painting Speech: Eye-catching calligraphy and book art is exhibited on Beth’s blog.
  5. Lisa Engelbrecht: Lisa loves lettering, and her blog serves as an outlet for her interests.
  6. A Spattering: Toni’s love of nature is evident in the calligraphy and paintings she proudly displays on her blog.
  7. Victoria Pittman: With a BA in Russian language/literature and an interest in historic linguistics, Victoria possesses a true passion for letters.
  8. A Place to Flourish: Jane, a freelance calligrapher from the Midwest, is always looking for new ideas to adopt and share with her readers.
  9. Letters: David has been "slingin’ ink since 1991," providing works of calligraphy in different styles.
  10. Cari Ferraro: Views and Musings: Cari is a calligraphy teacher with three decades of wisdom to dispense.
  11. Renee Troy: Yet another calligrapher and blogger who has 30 years of experience. Renee’s immense talent is evident.
  12. The Randall M. Hasson Blog: Randall combines calligraphy and image in large format paintings and discusses them on his blog.
  13. tackad: Abstract calligraphy from dozens of gifted calligraphers is showcased on this blog.
  14. Wildman Designs: Wanna Play?: A place for dialogue on calligraphy and other topics.
  15. Damini Celebre: Brushworks: The brushworks of Celebre are an excellent source of inspiration for calligraphers practicing the craft.
  16. An Artist’s Life: Susan has devoted her life to art, creating some colorful must-see works in the process.
  17. Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh: The Guild’s blog features a documentary on Raphael Boguslav, which any calligraphy enthusiast will appreciate.

Calligraphy News, Products and Information

Looking for additional calligraphy-related resources? Peruse the following blogs

  1. scribblers: Information on products as well as tips and techniques are offered.
  2. Japanese Calligraphy Blog: Japanese calligraphy lovers can visit this blog to view new artwork, new galleries and news articles.
  3. Calligraffia: A mixture of "calligraphy news, views, reviews, inter-views and how-tos."

Inspirational Calligraphy Posts

A couple of inspirational posts from blogs that are not devoted to calligraphy.

  1. Lanie J. and Co — Calligraphy: A rusty calligrapher shares her recent work and some of the old books that inspired her to learn the art.
  2. Goods from Japan — Japanese Calligraphy in Action: Linked in this post is a YouTube video of Japanese master craftsman Ransui Yakata painting suiboku.

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