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50 Free and Adorable Amigurumi Patterns

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Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crafting stuffed crochet or knit toys that are usually made into animals, dolls and inanimate objects. These stuffed dolls are known for having oversized spherical heads on an undersized body and expressional faces. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at amigurumi, you always need a pattern to reference and guide you along the way. Thankfully, the Web has tons of free patterns and instructions on how to make these darling toys for less. Here are 50 free and adorable amigurumi patterns to get you going:


Animals are the most common type of amigurumi made, and these are the cutest of the creatures.

  1. Monkey: This classic sock monkey is designed to be an ornament, but it would make a great handheld toy too.
  2. Owl: This adorable wide-eyed owl is easy to crochet and would make a great gift for anyone.
  3. Jellyfish: Don’t worry, this soft, purple jellyfish will only sting you with cuteness.
  4. Spider: This harmless looking spider is perfect for Halloween decorating or everyday play.
  5. Dachshund: Dachshunds make the perfect pups for amigurumi dolls, and this one is by far the cutest.
  6. Bunny: You’ll be hoppy, er, happy to crochet this floppy-eared bunny.
  7. Cat: This kitty amigurumi will make the purrfect toy for a kid or cat lover.
  8. Pig: This precious pink pig is just oinking to be made by you.
  9. Beaver: From the buck teeth to the paddle tail, this little beaver is a spitting image of the real thing.
  10. Hippo: Challenge yourself by crocheting this happy hippo who is cuter than words.

Video Game Characters

Even your favorite video game characters have amigurumi patterns like these.

  1. Kirby: You’ll enjoy crocheting this adorable pink puffball from the Nintendo game Kirby.
  2. Pikachu: From the yellow plush body to the lightning bolt tail, this Pikachu doll is a spitting image of the game character.
  3. Bomb-omb: This crocheted Bomb-omb from Mario can be a toy or paperweight, but either way it won’t explode.
  4. Link: If you’re a Legend of Zelda fan, you’ll love making this adorable Link doll.
  5. Invisibility Star: This Super Mario invisibility star is super cool and oh-so-cute with or without a smile.


Use these amigurumi patterns to decorate for the holidays and for gift giving.

  1. Christmas Wreath: Try your hand at crocheting this little Christmas wreath with colorful leaves and a mini snowman.
  2. Spring Chicks: These adorable fuzzy chicks would make the perfect Easter decoration or basket surprise.
  3. Valentine’s Heart: Give your Valentine your heart, your amigurumi pop heart, that is.
  4. Turkey: Everyone will gobble up this amigurumi turkey because it’s just that adorable.
  5. Peas in a Pod: Give your newlywed friends something original like these peas in a pod.


These adorable amigurumi foods look good enough to eat, but I don’t recommend trying.

  1. Apples: Take a bite at this apple pattern that is cuter than words.
  2. Banana: Peel back the layers of this amigurumi banana and you’ll find this sweet face.
  3. Cherry Pie Slice: Don’t let this crocheted slice of cherry pie fool you – it’s just for looks.
  4. Coffee Cup: Don’t you wish your coffee mug was this cute?
  5. Fried Eggs: Fried eggs never looked cuter and more real! Note: Scroll down on the pattern for the English translation.
  6. S’more: Just like the campfire version, except for the smiling marshmallow that’s too sweet to eat.
  7. Pear: Give this adorable amigurumi pear a try, and don’t forget to add the stem and rosy cheeks as well.
  8. Hot Dog: How doggone cute is this hot dog and bun amigurumi pattern? Crochet on some ketchup or relish for added color and taste.
  9. Grapes: Try your hand at crocheting these beautiful purple grapes that looks divine.
  10. Oreo Cookies: This may be a fat-free version of the real deal, but they are just as much fun to crochet than eat.


These amigurumi patterns add an adorable twist to nature’s finest.

  1. Acorns: These adorable acorns are easy to crochet and make the perfect decoration for fall.
  2. Flower Pot: These flowers make a great centerpiece, and, best of all, they won’t ever die!
  3. Inchworm: Inch your way through this adorable inchworm amigurumi pattern.
  4. Mushroom: You can’t go wrong making this colorful mushroom house.
  5. Cactus: There are no spikes on this adorable cactus plant – just a smile and cute bow.


These are the amigurumi patterns that don’t quite fit into any one category.

  1. Alien: This googly-eyed alien is too cute not to make.
  2. Light Bulb: This light bulb amigurumi pattern is a bright idea and oh-so-cute.
  3. Finger: These severed fingers are perfect for Halloween and anytime you want to scare your friends to death.
  4. Eyeball: Not only are these eyeballs easy to make, but they are fun to toss around too.
  5. Poo: Yep, you read it right. It may be strange, but this is the cutest pile of poo.


If you’re new to amigurumi, these easy patterns will get you started and improve your skills in no time.

  1. Little Miss Peanut: This adorable peanut amigurumi is easy to crochet and can be a plushy toy or a scented sachet.
  2. Baubels: These Christmas baubles can be customized for any holiday and look good in any color.
  3. Mr. Sour Pickle Man: This sour pickle man is adorable and super easy to crochet since it’s all one shape and color.
  4. Mouse: Eek! This not-so-scary mouse is easy to make and plenty adorable.
  5. Ghost: This ghoulish ghost can be simplified even further and still look just as adorable.
  6. Ball: It doesn’t get much easier than crocheting a perfect sphere in one continuous color like this pattern.
  7. Cherry: Check out this simple cherry pattern that even comes with a video tutorial to guide you!
  8. Chocolates: These adorable chocolates look just as sweet as the real stuff and are easy to crochet.
  9. Tomato: This tomato amigurumi is round, red and easy to make.
  10. Beans: These beans come in every flavor and color, but best of all, they’re super easy to crochet!

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