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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Effective 2/11/16

Thank you for visiting We hope you’ll enjoy using our web content and services. We have a number of policies governing the way we collect and use data to bring each user the most enjoyable user experience possible. When you access our website, we assume you agree to the following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

Please note that the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are subject to change at any time. Should make any changes to our rules and procedures, we will update this page accordingly. Therefore, we strongly encourage our users to consult this page periodically so as to stay updated on our most current policies.

Like most websites, collects user information and data. This information typically will fall under one of the following two categories:

1. Automatic Information

Whenever a user visits our site, we obtain and store specific pieces of user data. Most websites behave similarly. The main reason we collect automatic information is to help better understand our users, and make improvements upon the site. Anonymous data can range from a user’s operating system version to a user’s IP address. This kind of data helps us create a more streamlined user experience.

One common form of automatic information we collect are “cookies” which we use to gather anonymous data that helps us with web analytics and digital advertising. Cookies are small data files that can be sent from a website, and collected in a user’s web browser. We use cookies alone and in partnership with other service providers, vendors, or advertisers. These cookies serve many purposes, including, but not limited to:

  • Advertising- Advertising cookies, sometimes referred to as “third-party cookies,” are used by third-party advertisers. They are anonymous pieces of information that advertisers can use to serve the most relevant advertisements to every user and track marketing success. These cookies help advertisers provide better ads, while providing each user with a better, more pertinent advertising experience. These types of cookies do not contain personally-identifiable information.
  • Web Analytics – We use cookies to conduct web analytics that help us gain a better understanding of our user demographics. This kind of anonymous data can help us with web optimization. We conduct most of our web analytics through Google, Inc.’s tool, Google Analytics. To better understand how Google Analytics may interact with your information, we suggest reading Google’s privacy policy:
  • Lead Auditing – Cookies help us with “lead auditing” which is analysis that we do to ensure that information being collected on our website is factual, pertinent, and suitable.

2. Submitted Information

We also collect and save information that has been voluntarily submitted by our users in one of our web forms. Typically, these will include contact information, ranging from telephone to email to mailing address. We gather contact information so that we can offer you supplemental information about the educational services you are seeking, and so we can match you with additional resources or services. We share this kind of data with our partner schools and organizations so they too can offer you relevant information about services and programs they offer.

User Consent

When users access our website, we assume that they have agreed to all the aforementioned policies about data gathering.

By using our website, we assume you are aware that the information we gather may be shared with affiliated companies, schools, and other third parties. This data will be shared with the intention of providing you with information about the most relevant educational programs, products and services. We assume you also acknowledge and agree with our right to share this information with any partner businesses performing necessary administrative services. That might include email service delivery.

We assume users acknowledge and consent to our use of cookies to collect, store and share information about our users.

When you submit your personal information on, you thereby grant us as well as our affiliated entities, including schools, third-party marketing partners or vendors, the right to contact you with the intent of informing or advertising education-related services or products. This contact may occur via telephone, text message, email or post mail and will comply with applicable laws governing education or other issues.

Furthermore, you grant us, our affiliates, partners and vendors permission to contact you outside the rules and restrictions of any federal or state Do Not Call requirements, or other related laws for a period of time. By submitting information, rights granted under Do Not Call laws are relinquished by you. Your submission may also exempt us from other applicable legal restrictions.

When you submit your personal information on, you also grant us permission to share your information in the event of a subpoena or other legal obligation. This right will be exercised in good faith when we feel it essential to protecting our rights, protecting the safety or you or others, investigating fraud, complying with a legal or governmental requirement, and/or in the event that should form a merger, acquisition, or sale of part or all its assets to a third-party.

Opting Out

Users are free to opt-out of our services in a number of ways, including:

  • Opt out of cookies – You can remove all cookies collected by Simply visit the Privacy page on your web browser and remove cookies as desired. You might need to do so on a per-visit, rather than a one-time basis.
  • Opt out of targeted advertising – You can opt-out of most personalized digital advertising from all members of the National Advertising Initiative (NAI) or those who abide by the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Principles. Simply visit the “opt-out” pages on the NAI and DAA websites and follow instructions.
  • Opt out of emails – If you have voluntarily submitted contact information, you may begin receiving emails from us or our affiliates. Should you wish to stop receiving emails from any given sender, you may simply follow the “unsubscribe” link listed in every email. You will no longer receive emails from that sender.

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