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100 Useful Twitter Tips & Tools for Web Designers

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Twitter is a great networking tool for many people, and web designers are no exception. Whether you’re looking for networking, clients, inspiration, or just a distraction from work, you’ll find that Twitter is an excellent resource. Here, we’ll look at 100 tips and tools that are great for web designers on Twitter.


Follow these tips to improve your Twitter experience.

  1. Offer a mix of comments and responses: Interact with other Twitter users-don’t just write a monologue.
  2. Ask questions: Use your network to gather information from the experts you know.
  3. Use a simple, short name: Encourage retweets and replies with a name that’s easy to remember and doesn’t take up lots of space.
  4. Set up your profile: Give people a sense of who you are and why you should be followed with a bio.
  5. Don’t spam: Keep things relevant and interesting.
  6. Share a relevant link: Use your profile link to show followers more information about you.
  7. Retweet: Spread useful information and improve follower relationships by retweeting valuable messages.
  8. First follow to be followed: If you want people to follow you, seek out others in your field and they will come.
  9. Share your location: Although location may not be terribly important online, knowing your location can help people relate to you.
  10. Use Twitter during peak times: The US 9-5 tends to be the most popular time to be on Twitter.
  11. Use hashtags: Placing a hashtag such as #twitter will make it easier for others to find your tweets in a popular conversation.
  12. Join Twitter directories: Sites like WeFollow and Twellow can help get your Twitter name out there.
  13. Track Twitter: Set up alerts and more to be notified when keywords you’re interested in are tweeted about.
  14. Keep your follow ratio even: Avoid following too many people without being followed back, or vice versa.
  15. Follow useful people: Build your Twitter network full of people that offer knowledge, connections, and entertainment.
  16. Share your blog posts: Tell your Twitter followers about new blog posts.
  17. Share a photo: Make your account more personal by posting a photo of yourself.
  18. Share knowledge: Be informative and spread links, video, and your knowledge to be valuable.
  19. Use a tweet this link: Create a link that makes it easy for readers to tweet about your posts.

Twitter on Your Site

In these guides, you’ll learn how to put Twitter on your website.

  1. How to Make a Unique Website for Your Twitter Updates: Create a unique website for your Twitter updates using this tutorial.
  2. Build Your Own Social Home!: Bring all of your social outposts together on one page with this tutorial.
  3. How to Display Your Twitter Status Message in a Speech Bubble: With this tutorial, you can create a Twitter speech bubble for your site.
  4. Twitter Followers Counter Tutorial: This tutorial will show you how to create your own Twitter follower counter.
  5. Send Message from a PHP Page Using the Twitter API: This tutorial shows you how to post Twitter messages from a PHP page.
  6. Twitter Emulation: If you want to create a Twitter-like tool on your site, follow this tutorial.
  7. Create a Twitter Box in Your Sidebar: Use this tutorial to make a box that displays your latest tweets in your blog sidebar.
  8. How to Create an RSS-Enabled Micro-Blog with Twitter: Set up a blog that uses Twitter, feeds, and more with this tutorial.
  9. How to Create Your Own Twitter WP Plug-In: This tutorial explains how to create widget that allows readers to tweet about your posts.
  10. Scripting Twitter with cURL: With this cURL tutorial, you can make Twitter work even better.
  11. How to Run Multiple Twitter Feeds on the Same Page: Follow this Tutorial, and you’ll learn how to share multiple feeds at once.
  12. How to Build a Maintainable Website Using CushyCMS and Twitter: This tutorial will show you how to build a one page website with a Twitter feed and general content.
  13. Add Twitter to Your Blog: Follow this tutorial to find out how to add Twitter to your blog in a simple, usable way.

Twitter Development

Check out these great resources to learn about development for Twitter.

  1. Twitter Technology Blog: If you’re developing an app for Twitter, make sure and check out this blog.
  2. Twitter API for Dummies: Follow this tutorial to learn about using the Twitter API.
  3. How to Build Your First Flash Twitter Mash-Up in Four Lines of Code: This tutorial will help you get public timelines from Twitter into Flash using just four lines of code.
  4. Twitter API Announcements: In this Google Group, you’ll get updates about the Twitter API and new releases.
  5. Using the Twitter API: Here you’ll find an introduction to using the Twitter API.
  6. Twitter Client for Android: In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Twitter client that can be used with Android.
  7. @twitterapi: Find out what’s going on with the Twitter API by following @twitterapi.
  8. Get Started with the Twitter API.: Try out the Twitter API using this tutorial.
  9. Twitter API Wiki: Use this wiki as a reference in Twitter development.
  10. Building an Application with the Twitter API: This tutorial explains how to create tweets when stocks or indexes jump.
  11. Twitter Development Talk: Join this Google Group in order to discuss Twitter API.
  12. Authenticating Twitter API Calls with PHP and jQuery: This tutorial shows you how to authenticate API calls to your Twitter.
  13. How to Build a Twitter Agent: Find out how to create a blog tracking service on the blogosphere with this tutorial.
  14. Getting Started with the Twitter API: This tutorial offers a bit of an advanced look at using the Twitter API.
  15. Building Your Own Twitter Client with Fluid and jQuery: This tutorial explains how to build a Twitter client on a single web page.


Use these tools to get the most out of Twitter.

  1. Tweet!: Tweet! is an unobtrusive jQuery plugin that makes it easy for you to display tweets on your site.
  2. Summize: Search for what interests you and build your Twitter network around people that share those interests.
  3. PHP+Twitter+Google Calendar+SMS: Follow this tutorial, and you’ll find out how to link your Twitter account to Google Calendar.
  4. PHP and Ajax with the Twitter API: Find out how to use jQuery, PHP, and Ajax to return Twitter API results.
  5. Twit Spy: See what people are posting on Twitter in real time, and track website links in tweets with Twit Spy.
  6. jQuery Plug-in for Twitter: Using this plug-in, you’ll be able to easily display a Twitter feed on your web page.
  7. Tweet Stats: Find Twitter stats including your amount of tweets, reply statistics, and more.
  8. Twellow: Check out the Twitter yellow pages to find people with similar interests to yours.
  9. Twittercal: Add events to your Google Calendar through Twitter with this free service.
  10. Tweet Burner: With this tool, you can create URLs that help track the amount of times a given link has been followed.
  11. Friend or Follow: Use Friend or Follow to find out who isn’t following you back.
  12. Juitter: This small, fast loading plug-in will display Twitter on your website, and it offers filtering, language, and avatars.
  13. Twittervision: Twittervision offers a view of tweets on a map.
  14. Twitterfall: Track and watch Twitter trends on Twitterfall.
  15. TweetBeep: Get regular emails with updates for alerts and people you follow on Twitter.
  16. TwitterFeed: Feed your blog or RSS to Twitter with TwitterFeed.
  17. Twalala: Take control of your twitter stream and filter out tweets, or chatty individuals.
  18. mail2twitter: Using this free service, you can post tweets through email, and any email-enabled mobile device.
  19. Twitt(url)y: This service sorts URLs based on how frequently they are tweeted.
  20. Twits Like Me: Use Twits Like Me in order to find users that have the same interests as you.
  21. Trend Cloud: You can track Twitter trends in cloud form using Trend Cloud.
  22. TweetLater: Space out and time your tweets with the help of this service.
  23. Twilert: Twilert will email you every time someone tweets one of your keywords.
  24. JustSignal: JustSignal helps you filter out the noise on Twitter and only find the information you’re interested in.
  25. Twitter Packs: Check out Twitter Packs to find categorized listings of Twitter users.
  26. TwitterBuzz: See what people are linking to on Twitter with TwitterBuzz.
  27. Twups: Twups allows you to follow your favorite topics on Twitter.
  28. Tweetag: Find all of the links and statuses related to certain words using Tweetag.
  29. WP Tweety: Track WordPress related stories with the help of this tool.
  30. TweetScan: Get updates for your keywords on Twitter by using TweetScan.
  31. Twitscoop: Twitscoop will share what’s popular on Twitter.
  32. Twitter Signature Creator: This signature offers a way to show off your tweets in your email, forums, and more.


Check out these libraries for Twitter web design.

  1. QTwitLib: QTwitLib makes it possible for a user to make calls to the library with message and status codes.
  2. jtwitter: This library offers easy access to the Twitter API.
  3. TwitterScript: TwitterScript is an ActionScript library for Twitter’s APIs.
  4. My Twitter: With this class, you can set and receive Twitter user status.
  5. PHP Twitter: This Twitter class for PHP has been modified and more.
  6. python-twitter: python-twitter wraps around the Twitter API.
  7. java-twitter: java-twitter offers a Java wrapper around the Twitter API.
  8. TwitterLibPHP: Here you’ll find an object-oriented PHP interface for the Twitter API.
  9. Twittery: This Ruby class interfaces with Twitter API.
  10. PHP Twitter: This wrapper class communicates with the Twitter API.

On Twitter

Be sure to check out these prominent web designers on Twitter.

  1. @zeldman: Here you’ll find Jeffrey Zeldman of Happy Cog.
  2. @cameronmoll: If you’re looking for a web design job, be sure to check out Cameron Moll of Authentic Jobs.
  3. @meyerweb: Learn about web standards, CSS, and more from Eric Meyer.
  4. @snookca: Follow Jonathan Snook to learn about forward-thinking web design on Twitter.
  5. @chriscoyier: Chris Coyier, owner of CSS Tricks offers weekly video tutorials and more.
  6. @ryancarson: This entrepreneur and web advocate has built both DropSend and Amigo.
  7. @ilovetypography: Fans of typography should follow @ilovetypography.
  8. @mollydotcom: Molly Holzschlag promotes best practices and web standards.
  9. @stevensnell: Steven Snell is a web designer, blogger, freelance writer, and owner of Vandelay Design.
  10. @jeresig: John Resig is the creator of jQuery, and currently working for Mozilla.
  11. @seanHodge: Sean Hodge is the editor of PSDTUTS and a frequent contributor to Smashing Magazine.

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