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10 Signs You’re an Insufferable Music Snob

To many people, the music to which they listen defines their lifestyle, and may even lead to a dream job. The themes exhibited by their favorite bands and artists encapsulate their feelings, serving to create an outlet for personal self-expression. The people we label as music snobs take their fandom more seriously than most and usually aren’t afraid to let it be known – for better or for worse. If you think you’re one of them, read through the 10 signs you’re an insufferable music snob and tally how many describe your actions, preferences and characteristics.

  1. You constantly belittle other people’s music preferences
    This is the truest sign that you’re a music snob. You actively make it known that you can’t stand a genre of music when your friends and acquaintances listen to it, and you proceed to not-so-subtly judge them. At the same time, you make it known that your music preferences are superior because you’re more in tune with the nuances of the songs and the artists who compose them. Of course, those artists are also super-pretentious and probably wouldn’t give you the time of day away from a show.
  2. You think "real" music fans are few and far between
    As a music aficionado, you feel that a "real" fan must possess the same depth of knowledge that you possess, which requires hours upon hours of internet research and intent listening to every song your favorite band or artist has ever made. You also know everything there is to know about your favorite subgenre, which is super-specific and definitely not commonly known by casual music listeners.
  3. The more popular a band becomes, the less you like it
    To you, when a band or artist becomes mainstream, they’ve undoubtedly sold their soul for the almighty dollar. In an attempt to garner a wider audience, they’ve strayed away from the unique stylings that made them popular in order to adopt more homogenous sounds and lyrics. Even when the changes are only subtle, the band or artist will never be the same to you. Plus, it’s a major turnoff when people who are less dedicated to the band’s or artist’s music like them. Despite losing them to the masses, you’ll always be able to say "I used to like [insert band’s or artist’s name here] back in [insert the year before they emerged from the underground]."
  4. You prefer small shows at bars to massive concerts
    In accordance with your dislike of popular bands and artists, you only attend the small-scale shows at hole-in-the wall bars that cater to an indie crowd. The performer(s) you go to see may have traveled to the location in a beat-up van, staying true to their roots. As you enjoy their music, you might sip on a pretentious beer while standing amid a handful of your drunk and stoned pretentious friends.
  5. You excoriate the latest generation of music
    It simply doesn’t compare to your generation of music. You won’t listen to a song that was recorded after 1988. Compact discs are still new to you, let alone iPods. You long for the days when Music Television televised music videos. You think musicians these days are unoriginal and untalented, and the youngins who listen to their work have simplistic tastes. The music is no longer "real."
  6. You have a special hatred for pop music
    Not only do you hate pop because it’s popular, but also because of the bubble-headed people who listen to it. Each time a Katy Perry song invades your ears without your consent, a little bit of vomit is induced. It reminds you of the shallow and materialistic girls in high school who idolized Madonna and wouldn’t give you the time of day. It should be noted, however, that not everyone who hates pop music is a music snob, but every music snob does hate pop music.
  7. You think that a person’s taste in music is indicative of their personal character
    Because they don’t share your music preferences, they’re clearly less of a person. For example, everyone who gets some sort of enjoyment out of listening to pop music must be like those aforementioned girls from high school who you still detest. Or a country music fan must be a redneck from the backwoods who hates everything that’s different. The nerve of them to hate everything that’s different!
  8. You detest best-of albums
    You’ve never purchased a best-of album and shudder at the thought of your favorite band or artist releasing one, assuming you even like a semi-popular band or artist. You hold the beliefs that their best work isn’t always their most popular or most liked songs, and an album with several of their "best" songs over time thrown together lacks the cohesion of a regular album. Not a whole lot of thought or work goes into a best-of, so you refuse to reward the weak effort.
  9. You love Radiohead
    Of course, not every fan of Radiohead is a music snob and the band does make some catchy highbrow tunes, but you have to admit the band’s fanbase is composed of a higher proportion of music snobs than most other bands. It’s contradictory to the idea that music snobs can’t like a mainstream band, but there are always exceptions to the rule and this happens to be one.
  10. You exude the persona
    You dress the part. Tight jeans? Check. Small-sized shirt when you should normally wear a medium or large? Check. Dark and thick-rimmed glasses? Check. And it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of an uncouth look, sporting unkempt hair and at least a five o’clock shadow. In many cases, music snobs look and act a lot like their favorite band members. A cynical and jaded personality is characteristic of many music snobs.

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