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100 (Non-Design) Blogs that Every Web Designer Should Read

If you’re a web designer, chances are you’re already well aware of the many great design blogs out there. But know that there’s great information to be found even outside the confines of the web design blog bubble. Take a look at these 100 non-design blogs that have a lot to offer web designers.

Online Culture & Social Web

By reading these blogs, you can learn and stay up to date on all of the trends in online culture and the social web.

  1. ReadWriteWeb: ReadWriteWeb’s blog reports on all of the important apps, trends, and other developments online.
  2. Occam’s Razor: Avinash Kaushik writes about web analytics on this blog.
  3. Social ROI: Learn about social entrepreneurship on this blog.
  4. The Digerati Life: Stay on top of personal finance and business through The Digerati Life.
  5. Soshable: Check out the latest in social media from Soshable.
  6. Signal vs. Noise: This blog from 37signals discusses the web, culture, experience, business, and more.
  7. Mashable: Mashable has lists, news, and more about social media.
  8. Instigator Blog: Ben Yoskovitz shares insight on social media, entrepreneurship, and startups on this blog.
  9. Chris Brogan: Chris Brogan can help you learn how to better use social media and networks.

Business & Marketing

If you’re a web designer in business for yourself, you’ll find lots of great information in these blogs for business and marketing.

  1. StartupPrincess: StartupPrincess is a great blog and community for female entrepreneurs.
  2. MarketingSherpa Blog: Get practical advice about marketing from MarketingSherpa.
  3. Idea Sandbox: Get great ideas for growing your web design business from Idea Sandbox.
  4. How to Change the World: Guy Kawasaki’s blog is all about business and marketing online.
  5. Biz Plan Hacks: Use Biz Plan Hacks to quickly and effectively plan your business for the future.
  6. Up and Running: On this blog, you’ll learn about getting your business started right.
  7. WebWorkerDaily: WebWorkerDaily shares all of the news that’s important to people who work online.
  8. Church of the Customer Blog: Ben and Jackie’s blog can teach you all about respecting your customer.
  9. Duct Tape Marketing: Get great ideas and tips for marketing as a small business from Duct Tape Marketing.
  10. I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Ramit Sethi shares smart ideas about personal finance and entrepreneurship.

User Experience & Accessibility

Make your design more functional by considering usability and accessibility through these blogs.

  1. 456 Berea Street: On 456 Berea, you’ll find articles and news about web standards, usability, and accessibility.
  2. Good Experience: This blog offers a focus on the experiences of customers and users as humans.
  3. Accessify: Accessify has the latest accessibility news.
  4. gotomobile: Check out gotomobile for usability and user experience on mobile devices.
  5. Alertbox: Read Alertbox for current issues in web usability from the master, Dr. Jakob Nielsen.
  6. National Center on Disability and Access to Education: The NCDAE’s blog discusses accessibility in the news.
  7. Web Axe: Get practical web design accessibility tips from this podcast and blog.
  8. UXmatters: UXmatters shares insights on user experience.
  9. Blind Access Journal: Blind Access Journal is concerned with making information accessible for the blind.
  10. Compete on Usability: On this blog, you’ll find advice on user experience you can use in both your design and business.
  11. UX Crank: Get cranky "tips from 20 years of screwing things up."
  12. Putting People First: Experientia’s blog writes about user experience and keeping people at the center of innovation.
  13. UX Booth: UX Booth is both a user experience blog and usability testing resource.
  14. UIE Brain Sparks: User Interface Engineering’s blog focuses on information architecture, testing, personas, usability, and more.
  15. Strategic Website Usability: This blog takes a look at usability on websites.
  16. Creating Passionate Users: Although no longer updated, this blog is a gem for usability.
  17. Usability News: Get headlines in usability from this aggregation blog.
  18. CanUX: This blog is all about the user experience community in Canada.
  19. UsableMarkets: UsableMarkets focuses on usability as it relates to online markets.


These blogs will point you in the right direction for tools that can help you do your job better.

  1. Web Tools Blog: You’ll learn about web tools you can use through this blog.
  2. Weblog Tools Collection: Get updated on cool tools for your blog on Weblog Tools Collection.
  3. Friendly Web Tools Blog: This blog will show you how technology can help your small business.
  4. Make Use Of: Find great sites and tools for saving time on this blog.
  5. Social Web Tools: Learn about cool social web 2.0 tools and applications from Social Web Tools.
  6. Your Life. Organized: Monica Ricci offers tips and tools for organizing your life and work.


Check out these blogs to get a healthy dose of SEO education.

  1. SEO Book: Get the lowdown on important issues in SEO from SEO Book.
  2. Search Engine Watch: Read Search Engine Watch to get search engine marketing tips and news.
  3. Graywolf’s SEO Blog: Michael Gray discusses SEO, social media, and more on this blog.
  4. Matt Cutts: This Google employee’s blog is all about SEO, specifically SEO on Google.
  5. SEOmoz: Get an education in search engine marketing from SEOmoz.

Freelance & Self Employment

Do you work as a freelance or self employed web designer? Be sure to check out these blogs.

  1. Freelance Switch: The Freelance Switch blog offers readers lots of valuable advice for making it as a freelancer.
  2. Blogtrepreneur: Check out this blog to learn about blogging, business, entrepreneurship, and much more.
  3. Escape from Cubicle Nation: Pamela Slim’s blog is full of inspiration for being a thriving entrepreneur.
  4. Success from the Nest: Success from the Nest has inspiration, tips, and advice for home based entrepreneurs.
  5. Self Employed Ideas: This self employment blog will help you become self employed.
  6. Wake Up Later: This blog is all about freelancing online.
  7. Creatively Self-Employed: Check out this blog to learn about dealing with the ups and downs that come with working as an artist.
  8. Young Entrepreneur: This blog provides information and advice to entrepreneurs both young and old.
  9. All Freelance Blog: Here you’ll find tips and advice for freelancers and other self-employed workers.
  10. Serenity for the Self-Employed: Heather Boerner shares advice and resources to help you become a more serene self employed worker.

Personal Development

Being a designer means that you build on your personal brand and style. These blogs can help you better develop what you’ve got.

  1. Steve Pavlina: Steve Pavlina’s blog offers personal development for smart people.
  2. Cultivate Greatness: Cultivate Greatness offers personal development, leadership training, and more.
  3. Clever Dude: Clever Dude has great life hacks for personal finance, daily life, and business here.
  4. Stepcase Lifehack: Read Stepcase Lifehack to find motivational posts that will help you develop a better life, particularly by improving productivity.
  5. Passion Meets Purpose: Kammie’s blog will motivate you to improve your personal development, time management, and productivity.
  6. LifeClever: LifeClever will help you build a more productive, balanced life.
  7. Ririan Project: Ririan Project is full of posts on leadership, health, confidence, and more.
  8. Four Hour Work Week: Learn about the philosophy behind the four hour work week from Tim Ferriss.
  9. The Positivity Blog: Henrik’s blog is all about improving your social life, health, happiness, and overall life.
  10. Aim for Awesome!: Check out this blog to learn how to be just a bit more awesome.
  11. The Cranking Widgets Blog: This blog will help you learn how to be more productive, no matter what you do.
  12. The Optimized Life: Make your life just a little more optimized with the help of this blog.
  13. Think Simple Now: Think Simple Now offers great information on personal well being through clarity, simplicity, motivation, and personal happiness.
  14. LifeDev: You’ll learn about nurturing relationships, setting goals, and mastering skills from LifeDev.


Find inspiration to keep your creativity flowing from these blogs.

  1. MAKE: Stir your creative juices by checking out MAKE.
  2. Creative Freelancer Blog: Check out this blog to get ideas and support as a creative freelancer.
  3. Fuel Your Creativity: This blog is designed specifically to help you be more creative.
  4. Creativity Blog: This blog offers a record of creative ideas and inspiration.
  5. Creative Think: You’ll find fun ideas to stimulate your creativity on this blog.
  6. Creative Generalist: Creative Generalist serves as a resource for curious creative thinkers.
  7. Creativity at Work: Linda Naiman writes about the interplay of business, art, and science.


In these blogs, you’ll find lots of great resources for staying on task and getting things done.

  1. Lifehacker: Lifehacker offers many tips throughout the day that can help make your life online and beyond more productive.
  2. 43 Folders: Check out this blog to learn how to find the time and attention to do your best creative work.
  3. David Seah: David Seah is full of lots of great ideas for getting organized.
  4. Slacker Manager: Slacker Manager can help you get more manageable control over your life.
  5. Hack the Day: Make your work habits better with the help of this blog.
  6. Black Belt Productivity: Improve your time management by reading the advice on Black Belt Productivity.
  7. Organize IT: You’ll learn about organized and productive living from this blog.
  8. Zen Habits: Get the details on simple productivity from this blog.
  9. The Lazy Way to Success: In this blog, you’ll find out how to do less, while accomplishing more.
  10. Dumb Little Man: Dumb Little Man is all about tips that increase your productivity, save you money, and improve your life.


Whether it’s for correspondence or copy, writing is more important to web design than you might think. Brush up on your skills with these blogs.

  1. The Copywriter Underground: This blog takes you beyond the surface of copywriting.
  2. Copyblogger: Copyblogger offers lots of tips for success in online writing and marketing.


  3. The Renegade Writer: The Renegade Writer will not only help you with writing-it also has valuable tips for freelancing.
  4. Marketing Words: In this copywriting blog, you’ll find advice for SEO, marketing, and more.
  5. Freelance Copywriters Blog: Learn a little something about freelance copywriting from this blog.
  6. Web Writing Info: Learn about writing online from this blog.
  7. The Prompt Writer: This blog will help you find something to write about.
  8. Angela Booth’s Writing Blog: Angela’s advice is written for freelance writers, but it’s also great for web designers.
  9. The Writer’s Block: Find out how to make writing online work for you from this blog.
  10. Copywriting Blog: Here you’ll get fresh copywriting tactics, tips, and techniques.

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