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100 Excellent iPhone Apps for Web Designers and Developers

For web designers and others working on the web, being able to access the internet, email and other client information from anywhere is an essential element of staying on top of the game and keeping a business running smoothly. Many have found the iPhone to be a great solution to staying connected, and the recent surge of applications that allow users to do just about anything has made the mobile device the ultimate productivity tool for many. Here are 100 great applications to consider for your iPhone that will let you keep in touch with clients, manage projects, and do simple design, even when you’re not in front of your computer.

Project Management and Organization

Make sure your projects are completed on time and in style with these applications that help you manage your schedule, deadlines, and important tasks no matter where you are.

  1. OmniFocus: This tool will not only remind you of the tasks you need to do but will let you know when you’re in the vicinity of something that you’ve got on your list.
  2. Google Calendar: Not only is it integrated with a range of other great offerings from Google, this calendar can go anywhere you go.
  3. Bento: Maintain your own personal database of to-dos, project information and important stuff with this great tool.
  4. PageOnce Personal Assistant: This application is designed to organize all your other productivity tools into one place, giving you a centralized to-do list that manages everything from your Netflix queue to your Twitter feed.
  5. Things: Manage all the things in your life with this easy-to-use task manager.
  6. Evernote: Store all the things you collect for a particular project, from notes to photos, with this application that stores them on the web so they’ll always be at the ready when you need them.
  7. ReQall: This free application lets users create to-do lists, shopping lists, voice memos and more and stores them on the central website.
  8. Zenbe: Whether you’re making a project-specific list of to-dos or a larger list of things you need to get done, you’ll be able to do both easily with this tool.
  9. Jott: Save time typing out notes to yourself and take advantage of this transcription app that will convert your voice messages into emails or text files.
  10. iBlueSky: This application can help you get all your ideas out there and organized. Store your brainstorming sessions on your phone or share them with others.
  11. 30 Boxes: Create a personal or professional calendar on this site that will remind you of important deadlines, events and to-dos.

Billing and Finances

In business, time is money and web design or development is no exception. These applications can help you keep track of how much time you’ve put into any project and how much money you’re owed for the work.

  1. TimeJot: You can use this application to track the time you spend doing just about anything, including designing web material.
  2. FreshBooks: With this application you’ll be able to track when you’re working and send invoices to your clients. It’s also easy to integrate with your regular computer-based FreshBooks application as well.
  3. iTimeSheet: Check out this simple time-sheet application to keep track of where your day is spent.
  4. Easy TimeSheet Lite: Track the time you’re spending on a project, figure out your rates, and save information about any project with this application.
  5. Invotrack: Keep the clock running for every minute you’re working with this application that automatically sends the data to the home website and gives you the option to send out invoices based on them.
  6. Jobs: This application is extremely easy-to-use and offers simple time tracking sheet access on your phone.
  7. iZepto: Designed with businesses in mind, this tool offers simple time-tracking functionality and is free to use for individuals.
  8. WorkTimer: WorkTimer lets users create accounts for different users and divide up time spent for each of them.
  9. ClockedIn: With this tool you can track the time you put into projects, personal goals and more.
  10. Daylite Touch: If you’re using Daylite on your Mac why not bring its functionality over to your iPhone or iPod Touch with this application? You’ll get the same calendars, planning and information sharing capabilities.
  11. iBillto: This application will let you access and use client billing information from anywhere.

Website Tracking

How well are your sites performing? Don’t just guess, use these apps to keep tabs on all the important numbers.

  1. Ego: With Ego you’ll get a simple and attractive interface that lets you access your stats from Google Analytics, Mint, Feedburner, Twitter and more from one easy place.
  2. OSC Stats: If you’re using the open source OSCommerce software on your sites, this application can make it easier to track site traffic and stats.
  3. Analytics App: Check out this application if you’re looking for a simple way to use Google Analytics on-the-go.
  4. Mint Stats: This application can give you summary of what’s going on with your site with basic analytics functionality.
  5. Network Utility: Make sure your server is performing well, perform ping lookups and much more from your phone with this application.
  6. MyAnalytics: With this application you can log into your Google Analytics account and get access to all of your web stats.
  7. Analytics Lite: This free program allows users to get an overview of visitors, traffic sources, and e-commerce from Google Analytics.
  8. Domain Tracker: Keep tabs on all of your domains, their Google Page Rank and a history of this score over time with this application.
  9. iSEO: Don’t just track your stats but try to improve them with this tool that lets users check their page rank and keyword density.
  10. ProSEO: Analyze your pages and find out what keywords you should be using with this application.

Coding Tools

With so many different types of coding out there, it’s easy to get rusty if you haven’t used something in awhile. These applications provide easy access to reference material and assistance.

  1. PHP Cheat Sheet: If you need a few reminders when working with PHP coding, this tool can be a big help.
  2. PHP Ref: This comprehensive reference source will make working with PHP easy, even when you’ve forgotten how to do something.
  3. RegEx Cheat Sheet: Keep this reference on hand to get a refresher course in working with regular expressions, making it easier to search through and manipulate text.
  4. Web Developer Bible: On this site you’ll find information on HTML entities, C-Format strings and a whole lot more.
  5. CSS CheatSheet: If the site you’re working on is using Cascading Style Sheets and you’ve forgotten a thing or two, not to worry, you can look it up here.
  6. Developer’s ToolKit: This toolkit includes over 10,000 special characters as well as tools to generate HEX codes for colors and a scientific calculator.
  7. JavaScript CheatSheet: Keep with with your Java coding by bringing this reference with you everywhere.

Color Scheme

These applications will help you pick out the perfect arrangement of colors for the website you’re creating, as well as offering some great coding reference material as well.

  1. CliqCliq Colors: With this great tool, you’ll be able to arrange some impressive color schemes with functions that let you manage, tweak and covert colors.
  2. Brushes: If you not only need help organizing colors you plan on working with, but also want to be able to jot down simple drawings and plans, this tool is the ideal way to do both right from your phone.
  3. HEX/RGB Colors Guide: Keep track of what color corresponds to what code with this useful color guide.
  4. Palettes: Check out this iPhone tool to manage a complete color palette. You’ll even be able to grab colors from existing sites to bring into your new color scheme.
  5. ColorExpert: Simply choose a color or have a reference photo and then app will help you to build the perfect arrangement of colors.
  6. ColorSplash: Punch up your graphic designs by quickly enhancing or isolating a particular color with this tool.
  7. HTML Colors: With this tool you’ll be able to get a sneak peek at how your color schemes will look as text, background and anything else on a simple HTML webpage.
  8. ColorSutra: Use this application to pick out a color you like and it will do the rest, coming up with a color scheme that is designed to work well with your original color.
  9. ColorRef: Input your color selections into this app to organize and refine the look of your webpages.
  10. Color Picker: This tool can help make sure you’re getting the color you want. Input the RGB or HEX code and see what the color looks like on your phone first.

Basic Design Tools

From choosing fonts to getting measurements right, these tools will help you out with the basics of online drafting.

  1. Font Shuffle: If you’re on the hunt for the perfect font for a logo or webpage, this app will allow you to search through a database to find just the right look.
  2. WhattheFont: It can be frustrating when you see a font you like in an ad or on a webpage and you don’t know the name of it. This application allows you to take a photo of the font in question, analyzes it and tells you what it is so you can download or purchase the correct font.
  3. RulerPlus: Even though your phone may be small it can still be used to measure objects of a wide variety of sizes with this application.
  4. Scale Rule: Working like a caliper, this application makes it simple to measure just about anything to scale.
  5. RulerPhone: This useful application allows you to measure anything you can take a picture of– all you need is something credit card-sized to use as reference.
  6. Caliper: With this application you can control the jaws of a caliper and get precise measurements, even when you don’t have the real tools on hand.
  7. Full Screen Web Browser: Sometimes you just need a full-screen browser to get the real effect of a website. This application will let you do just that.
  8. CameraBag: This application will allow you to take any photo and apply effects to it, from a fisheye lens to infrared.
  9. ZeptoPad: Check out this app for a simple way to sketch out your ideas using your finger as the pencil or brush.

File Management

Whether you’re managing your personal files, uploading things to the web, or sending designs to clients these tools will make things easier.

  1. FTP on the Go: It doesn’t get much easier or useful than this application. You’ll be able to use it to log into an FTP server and edit any of your files, all right from your phone.
  2. Air Sharing: With this tool you can use your phone as a wireless drive and drag and drop files right onto it– an easy way to carry around the information you need.
  3. Readdle Docs: Store, find and share documents of all kinds with this incredibly useful tool.
  4. QuickOffice Files: Check out this tool to make it simple to view Microsoft Office documents on your phone, from copy writing for a site to spreadsheets of costs.
  5. ZumoDrive: Take advantage of this cloud-based storage system to have access to your information anywhere.
  6. PixelPipe: Want to make sharing photos and design ideas super easy? This application will allow you to take an image from your phone and upload it to over 50 different image sharing and social networking sites like Flickr, Twitter and WordPress.
  7. PhotoBucket: This site offers an easy way to upload, share and store your images on the Web, with an interface that it adapted to work with the small screen on your phone.
  8. Mobile Studio: With Mobile Studio you can edit, create and view a large number of file types.
  9. MyFiles: If you have a Badongo account you can connect to it and your files using this handy app.
  10. Files Lite: Read PDF and .doc files right from your phone with this application.
  11. Mocha VNC: If you need access to your home computer this application makes it possible, allowing you to link up with your PC or Mac from anywhere.

Database Tools

Manage your database from anywhere with these useful apps.

  1. iMy: With iMy you’ll get a full MySQL client, allowing you to do everything from searching through a database to exporting your results to a spreadsheet.
  2. MySQL Cheat Sheet: Keep a handy reminder of how to use MySQL on hand with this great cheat sheet app.
  3. MobileCan: Query a database, save queries, store passwords and get server stats with this PostgreSQL client.
  4. Wireless Database Viewer: With this tool you’ll be able to view a large variety of database types on your phone, including MySQL, MSExcel and more.
  5. StoreIt: No matter what kind of database you want to create, from projects to personal info, you can do it with this application.

Text Editing and Blogging

Blogs have become a major marketing tool for businesses big and small alike. These tools will let you manage yours or your client’s, or write any other kind of copy you need for a website.

  1. BlogPress: Whether you’re publishing images or just text, this application can make it easy to update your blog on-the-go.
  2. WordPress: Those with a WordPress blog can edit and update it using this official iPhone application.
  3. iBlogger: With iBlogger you can post text, images and even your location right to your blog.
  4. Google Reader: Track all the blogs you love to read and keep up with the latest in technology and web development with this helpful RSS feed reader.
  5. Twitteriffic: Twitter is all the rage with individuals and businesses alike these days so get your business in the loop by using this application that lets you take Twitter anywhere.
  6. BlogWriter Lite: This blogging tool will allow you to access and edit just about any blog you have out there from your mobile device.
  7. EasyWriter: Check out this larger keyboard for the iPhone that can make typing emails or editing documents much easier than with the standard size keyboard.
  8. Text Editor: This basic app connects with Google Apps so when you’re done typing you can access your document from anywhere.
  9. TypePad: If your blog is on TypePad, this application will make it simple to edit it from your phone.
  10. FUEditor: With this tool you can jot down notes to yourself, email them or just save them to your phone for future reference.
  11. Instapaper: If you’ve got some things you’d like to read but are going to be away from a web connection for awhile, this application can be immensely helpful. It creates offline versions of web articles so you can read them anywhere.

Server and Domain Tools

Inevitably something will need changing on your server while you’re away from your computer. These tools will allow you access and make it easy to check out new domains for development.

  1. TouchTerm: If you need a simple, basic secure shell then TouchTerm is the ideal choice for connecting on your iPhone.
  2. SSH: SSH is another basic tool that will allow you to set up SSH connections.
  3. pTerm: You’ll get the same great access to SSH connections with this app with the added feature of setting up Telnet and terminal emulation.
  4. iSSH: With this application you’ll be able to connect to your server, with several features that make it much easier to do on a small device like an iPhone.
  5. Domain Scout: Search for .com, .org and similar sites in Germany and the UK with this app.
  6. DomainPro: This application searches for your domain on .com, .net, and .org and if the name is available, you can buy it.
  7. Ping: Use this tool to check out how your servers are doing and ensure that your site stays accessible.
  8. Whoiser: With Whoiser you can look up a wide range of information about a domain, search for IP addresses, and even email the results to yourself.
  9. Nomina: If you’re in search of the perfect domain for a business, try out this tool. It will run a search and let you know what names are available that are close to the business’ name or that might work well.


From keeping in touch to helping you take great photos, these apps cover a wide range of web design needs.

  1. Fring: Bring all your instant messaging applications into one easy one that you can access on your phone here. It includes access to AIM, MSN, Skype and more.
  2. Thumbtacts: If you’ve got your hands full (literally or figuratively) this app will let you search through your contacts with only one hand.
  3. MRMR: Giving a presentation can be nerve wracking but this app can make it a little easier by acting as a remote during a presentation or as a regular mouse for a computer.
  4. Dexinger: Keep up with all the latest news in the design world here, from conferences to design competitions.
  5. PhotoCalc: If you’re taking photographs for a project this tool can help you calculate depth of field, lighting and even lets you know sunrise and sunset times for better shoot planning.
  6. BeamMe: Get your name out there with this application that allows users to send their business card from their own iPhone to any other mobile device or computer.

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