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Web Design

With the internet playing a vital role in our daily lives, the Web has become an essential part in the operation of many modern day businesses. Businesses are constantly looking to hire individuals who could create easily accessible websites and web pages that will appeal to their target market. With this inevitable trend, there has been an increasing demand for qualified individuals with knowledge and skills in web design.

Web designers create quality web page layouts and high-quality graphics in order to communicate an effective message to their client’s target audience. They develop and maintain websites and their servers to ensure proper functionality of the site. Web designers also create and test navigation, appearance, and multimedia applications on the site to make sure that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for.

American InterContinental University – Bachelor’s Degree. – AIU’s Online Bachelor in Visual Communication and Online Bachelor in Digital Design are considered two of the best web design degree programs available.
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For individuals looking to pursue a career in web design, you will need at least an associate’s degree in web design, or a related field, such as web development, multimedia, or visual communications. For those who would like to assume higher positions such as media communications consultants, web page editors, or design specialists, you will need to complete a bachelor’s degree in a similar field of web design.

Usually, web designers are artistic and creative individuals who pay close attention to detail. Not only must they create unique sites for each of their clients, but they must ensure that the site satisfies the needs of their client’s target market. Many times, web designers will have to change the entire appearance of their current sites because they are not performing as well as expected. In addition, they must learn and practice a variety of subjects such as web authoring tools, HTML, web standards, software applications, fundamental design principles, web content management, animation, JavaScript, coding, multimedia technologies and applications, visual communication and digital publishing.

There are many accredited online universities and colleges that offer degrees in web design, focused on providing students with the skills needed to become successful. Their programs are sometimes more ideal than your traditional brick-and-mortar programs because of the flexibility that students have from attending classes online. Online courses allow students to access their lectures, course materials, and classroom discussions at any time of day, at their convenience. This is especially ideal for those of you who have other responsibilities throughout the day such as working at your current jobs or taking care of your families.

Career opportunities are ample for those of you pursuing a degree in web design. Students with this degree could work as web graphic designers, digital graphics editors, instructional designers, media communications consultants, web graphic animators, information designers, web page designers, graphic artists, web developers, production managers, design directors, or web publication designers. They typically work for advertising agencies, marketing firms, or in-house corporate communications departments.

Web designers could experience a lot of freedom and flexibility in their careers because of the ability to choose their own hours, or often, even work from the comfort of their own home. Their average salary is about $50,000 annually, with senior web designers making as much as $85,000 annually. These average earnings could change depending on their education, hands-on experience, familiarity with related software and technology, or the size of their employer.